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You want to expand to / in Germany and would like to buy a company in the field of professional
services, tech or AI?


You are looking for suitable companies with an annual turnover between 2.5 - 25 million euros?

You have difficulties identifying and approaching suitable companies and convincing the
entrepreneurs to sell?

m&a berater

As former entrepreneurs in your target segment, we understand their business in detail and have access to the companies that are suitable for you, for example, to help you with this:


  • To expand geographically in the DACH region

  • To complement your product portfolio

  • Gain new customer access

  • Acquire special competencies

  • Etc.

This is our approach:


  1. Get to know each other and check if there is a "fit"

  2. Define your search criteria

  3. We present suitable companies and accompany you with your favorite(s) until closing

Work with us and

  • You find suitable acquisition targets

  • You receive professional advice and with industry expertise until the purchase process is

  • In a seller's market, you make your move and secure suitable companies without your
    competitors beating you to the punch

  • You have a partner who can also successfully support you in integration, scaling and further

Without our help


  • Other buyers will pass you in a a seller's market

  • You continue to miss expansion opportunities

  • You see your competitors grow faster inorganically through successful acquisitions.

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