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M&A boutique with focus on consulting services, agencies, IT and AI

You are an entrepreneur and would like to sell all or part of your company?

You are active in the field of professional services, tech or AI and achieve an annual turnover
between 2.5 and 25 million euros?

You are looking for the right buyer and would like to optimize your sales price?

In your market segment, so-called strategists usually pay the best prices or have the best overall

As a former entrepreneur who has built up, scaled and sold a company myself, I know the challenges
all too well.


This is our approach:

1.  Getting to know each other (including the company)
3.  Planning and implementation of a suitable course of action
2.  Optional: Definition and implementation of value-adding measures
4.  Celebrate the closing

« Clearly structured process, very good targeting, super desired outcome. Support in all stages. This is exactly how we wanted the M&A process to be.  »

Marc Böning

« q.beyond takes over data analytics specialist productive-data »

Acted as sell-side advisor.

« The core areas of an M&A transaction - legal, tax and finance - which are so important for entrepreneurs and stakeholders, are excellently coordinated by makanta services. »

Marc-Thilo Schott

With us


  • Find the right strategic buyer for your company

  • Benefit from our professional know-how in presentation and marketing

  • Achieve the best price for your company

  • Focus on your core business

  • Reduce your personal stress in the sale through professional support

  • Have not only a "good deal" at the end, but also energy and joy for the next steps

Without us


  • You may not find a buyer

  • Suffer financial disadvantages due to a bad deal

  • Tie up many more resources instead of focusing on core business and thus increasing company value

  • Take more risk

  • Have more (emotional) stress

  • The process is slower than necessary

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